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Data Backup Solutions

With so much information now being held on computers, servers, network storage and memory cards, data security and backup has become a complicated and often expensive challenge. Loss of data can be catastrophic and result in businesses facing huge recovery costs along with productivity and profitability losses.

Backing up your data need not be so complicated or indeed costly, a structured approach to data management and backup is the first step, beyond that regular checks of backups, off-site storage, online storage and just as importantly performing tests to ensure the data can be recovered are the keys to a successful strategy.

Many business are simply popping a backup tape into a drive every night, the same tapes are used time and time again with no integrity checking or error checking, only when it all goes wrong do they discover the backup does not include the data they expected to be there. Similarly data held on hard disks and not backed up can be business critical, should a hard disk fail the data is lost, only a specialist recovery service can attempt recovery and this is by no means 100% successful.

Environmental disasters such as fire, flood can render your data and your on-site backups useless, our backup solutions include multiple locations to ensure your data will always be held in more than one location at any time.

Interconnect Direct work with you to establish an understanding of your existing data and storage services along with identifying data that may of been overlooked, we will then examine your current backup strategy and advise accordingly.

We offer an extensive range of storage and backup solutions incorporating onsite, off-site and online services. We can offer remote monitoring of your backups to ensure they have completed successfully, we also are able to offer a variety of managed online backup solutions including a environmentally friendly carbon free solution.

Each solution is tailored to your business and full documentation and training is provided. We ensure your business data is safe and secure.