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Email Newsletters

Building an on-going relationship with your website visitors is vital to ensuring repeat business, recommendations and loyalty.

Email newsletters can be time consuming to create with good engaging content, it can be difficult to get through the various spam and junk mail filters, even with great content. Knowing if anyone reads the newsletter or indeed clicked on a link is also a vital role of this type of service.

The key to great email based newsletters is firstly content, great content is everything, the second is to fully integrate the newsletter system right into your website, this helps to bring traffic to the website, increase its popularity and therefore search engine ranking, it also provides a single location to store all content, images and archives of newsletters. By integrating the newsletter system and website together it is straight forward to link to web content from the newsletter and use the newsletter as an extension of the website.

Our newsletter system has the following features:

  • Unlimited users
  • Personalized newsletter
  • Mass actions
  • Automatic unsubscription
  • Open rate Statistics
  • Newsletter templates
  • Automatic send process
  • Captcha
  • Welcome message
  • Plugin access
  • DKIM
  • Automatic newsletter
  • URL Tracker
  • Advanced chart statistics
  • Custom fields
  • Bounce back handling
  • Access control level
  • Front-end management
  • Follow up