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Engage with you clients using Twitter

Many business owners and managers have realised how Twitter can build awareness and interest for their products and services.

Twitter marketing harnesses the way people are connected online to:

  • Spread key messages.
  • Generate positive word of mouth about your business.

Twitter won't be right for every business. And marketing with Twitter is NOT the same as traditional marketing. It doesn't rely on broadcasting sales messages in the hope that some stick. But social media like Twitter can allow businesses develop good relationships with potential customers, suppliers, industry partners and even journalists. Good work on Twitter can raise your flag in a crowded market, create a buzz about what you do, and lead to sales. You have direct, immediate contact with those who are buying from you, wherever they are.

ICD partner Mick Dickinson of BuzzedUp has distilled the most practical Twitter tips, tools and techniques into a system that consistently delivers great benefit to our clients. You will learn:

  • Invaluable tips on getting started fast.
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes.
  • How to grow a valuable Twitter following.
  • How to search Twitter to find customers.
  • What are the best Twitter tools to minimise your time and maximise your output.
  • How to track and measure what works (what is being shared, what drives website traffic).
  • How to get others to do your marketing for you.