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Increase your audience with Facebook

Facebook remains the 'Daddy' of all social networks. Continually growing and developing, Facebook is an important part of 21st century life for many people. Over 37 million UK adults use Facebook. With such a large audience there are clearly marketing opportunities for business.

So how do you tap into the platform and do good marketing?

Have a Facebook business page for your business. It needs to be active, entertaining and useful to the target audience. There are a number of ways to do this:

  • Create a unique cover photo that highlights the best of your business.
  • Post regularly with valuable, funny or thought-provoking updates. You can 'pin' the most important posts to the top of the Page. Use a lot of images.
  • Create Events and invite friends to participate.
  • Create promotions that attract existing and new 'Likes' eg sweepstakes, money-off vouchers, freebies, photo contests.
  • Advertise. Facebook offers several options including: straightforward adverts and sponsored stories (promoted posts).

Many businesses are building valuable relationships with current and potential customers using clever Facebook marketing.

Working with ICD partner Mick Dickinson of BuzzedUp you can build a community around your brand on Facebook.