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Why choose VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VoIP is increasingly the telephone solution of choice for small to medium size businesses. So why are more and more of your peers choosing VoIP? Well, there are a lot of valid and credible reasons why VoIP is a great solution for businesses, but some of the key ones are:

  • VoIP is easily scalable – businesses can add and remove users at the click of a mouse. No newlines/contracts and waiting days (weeks) for an engineer to come out when you recruit new employees.
  • VoIP is very cost effective – Most businesses will save between 30-50% of their total annual cost of telephony (call costs + line rentals + service/maintenance charges) when they switch to VoIP.
  • VoIP is effectively future proof – We constantly update our system with the latest proven software, ensuring that you will always be compatible with new developments and technologies.
  • VoIP is extremely flexible – Remote offices and employees (home workers etc) can all be connected up onto the same network. You can answer calls and forward/transfer calls between remote locations.
  • VoIP is feature and function rich – Our customers have access to the full range of advanced PBX functionality, incl: Auto-attendant, on hold music, voicemail2email, fax2email, hunt groups etc.
  • VoIP is maintenance light – With a fully-hosted solution we take care of everything for you. There's no hardware that needs upgrading, maintaining and replacing, allowing you to focus on running your business.
  • VoIP offers clarity and control – Our hosted platform allows our customers to control their phone systems through the online portal. Amongst other things, businesses can create call groups, change voicemails, switch on call recording and create/delete extensions. In addition bills can be seen in real time.
  • VoIP enhances management effectiveness – Our reporting functionality allows you to assess how phones are being used. You can see number of calls in and out, average length of call and who is ringing/being rung. You can see how many rings before a phone is answered. You can see how many calls have been missed. At any time you can see who is on the phone, regardless of geographic location.
  • VoIP creates better Client Retention and Conversion – A core fundamental of using VoIP is the fact that it makes it easier for your clients and potential clients to get in touch with the right people at the right time. It also allows you to understand and improve the ways in which your staff utilise the phone. These two combined will lead to better retention of existing clients and better conversion of potential clients. Meaning a more profitable business.

To find out more about how Interconnect Direct and our VoIP services could help you business please contact us.