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Social Networking Overview

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are established business marketing tools because they have become part of everyday life for UK consumers and business buyers.

ICD can set you up on the social networks that are right  for your business. We offer all levels of training, support and full brand and community management for business. We'll help you become present, relevant and active on the social web. It will raise awareness for your products and services, generate enquiries and positive word of mouth. Social networks are also playing an increasing role in sales and customers service.

Your business probably won't need to use every social network, just the ones your markets use.

It is a safe bet that your current and potential customers are using social media. Consider these facts:

  • 50 million UK users are using Facebook
  • 37 million UK adults use YouTube regularly
  • 16 million UK adults on Twitter
  • 26 million UK professionals on LinkedIn

People use these media to research and get information on the services and products they need; and they ask for recommendations from their trusted networks.

You and your company may be being be talked about right now.

Social media allows you to:
  • Join and positively influence those conversations.
  • Listen for sales opportunities.
  • Distribute the key messages about your business.
  • Connect directly with your best targets without the need for expensive advertising.