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VoIP Features

Direct dial services

Every Hosted IPT extension has its own unique directory number, which allows external users to bypass switchboard operators and to call a staff member direct. In addition, it means that each Hosted IPT user does not experience any network constraints in obtaining a line to make external calls.

Convenience dialling

We also offer a range of other features designed to make life easier for you, such as call transfer or conference calling.

Efficient call handling

With Hosted IPT, we've gone out of our way to ensure the calls can be handled as efficiently as possible, through features like call hold, call divert and voicemail. Every user has a personal message box supporting personal greetings, message retrieval, message forwarding.

Uniform call distribution

This is a sophisticated call handling service designed for departments needing to efficiently manage a large volume of incoming calls. Call park & pick up - key in the extension of a ringing phone and pick it up from anywhere in the office, or park the call on hold and restart when necessary.

Auto attendant

Automated and efficient front-end call handling service. Giving the caller options to connect to the correct department or employee with a series of numbered selections, for example, press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts, 3 for customer services, to speak to an operator please press 0.

work-life balance and productivity

Incoming phone calls can be automatically routed, irrespective of where they are connected to the network. By taking their laptop and soft phone with them on a trip, employees can receive incoming calls and make calls wherever they can connect to the Internet.

Flexible messaging

Hosted IPT brings a more integrated delivery of voicemail. Each voicemail is sent to its nominated email account. The actual voicemail is attached to the email, meaning that the user can listen to the voicemail on his desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile. Having converged email and voicemail boxes will also help workers pick up messages wherever they are, making them more responsive and productive.

To find out more about how Interconnect Direct and our VoIP services could help you business please contact us.