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VoIP Benefits

Cost Effective

Utilisation of our central exchange removes the need for capital expenditure and ongoing costs associated with PABX maintenance contracts.

Unlimited growth

You don't have to worry about network capacity issues or expensive system upgrades with our Hosted solution. Handsets can be added, or removed, from the network cheaply. Additional lines can be made available, simply by accessing your online account.

Future proofing

Hosted IPT users are protected against their network investment becoming obsolete, as we continue to invest in the latest technology.

Lower call charges

Savings of 40% are often seen by our customers. In many cases customers with multiple locations will see a huge reduction in cost as calls within the network are free of charge this means that remote locations, mobile worker and home workers can be call on their extension at no cost. Traditional telephone service providers offer a similar service but will often make up the lost revenue elsewhere in mobile or landline call charges.

Fully managed

We monitor the Hosted network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at no additional cost to you. With the growth of broadband in the UK and the high speeds now available VoIP is a reliable and flexible alternative.

Short term contracts

Set up customers or extensions on a month to month basis. No need to commit to long term ISDN contracts. Expanding businesses or seasonal businesses can increase or decrease capacity month by month whilst retaining fantastic pricing and functionality.

Flexible and feature rich

Hosted IPT offers a range of executive business features that can be customised to departmental or individual user requirements.

Remote working

Employees will benefit from the flexibility of being able to work from home, trade shows, hotels, temporary offices, client offices and other locations via internet connections and other offices on the internal network.

Better Client retention and conversion

A core fundamental of using VoIP is the fact that it makes it easier for your clients and potential clients to get in touch with the right people at the right time. It also allows you to understand and improve the ways in which your staff use the phone. These two combined will lead to better retention of existing clients and better conversion of potential clients. Meaning a more profitable business.

Multiple locations

Desk-to-desk dialing and feature interaction is supported across all sites within a local group. In essence multiple locations can be seamlessly connected to the platform, the only prerequisite being sufficient internet connectivity in each location. Remote workers, home workers and mobile workers can be connected to the local group this provides them not only with an office extension but also allows the business to manage the monitor calls and charges centrally.